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Coming Full Circle
Interior Design, December 2005
After a second career with two big-name retailers, Joseph Lembo is working for himself again.
Comfort and Joy
House & Garden, November 2005
At their beautifully understated Long Island retreat, Dixon and Arriana Boardman delight in putting the emphasis on relaxation.
All Around the Town
House & Garden, October 2005
From their Manhattan duplex, John and Andrea Stark can see the city from every angle. And with the help of designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, the interior views are also stunning.

Written in Stone
House & Garden, September 2005
In the California hills above the Pacific, designer John Saladino refashions an Italianate villa as his dream house.

Quick Change Artists
House & Garden, September 2005
In a matter of months, Dutch designer Piet Boon transformed a vast New York apartment into a serene magnificently equipped oasis.

The Treasure Seeker
House & Garden, August 2005
With the keen nose of a master hunter, antiques dealer Amy Perlin finds the best and the rarest. In her two shops and her Hamptons hideaway, she mixes them with an artist's eye.
Made in the Shade
House & Garden, July 2005
Guided by the temperate climate, and assisted by designer Jarrett hedborg, a Los Angeles couple turn a Spanish Colonial Revival house into a dappled showplace.
Only Connect
House & Garden, April 2005
By imaginatively and painstakingly combining several old structures, including a derelict barn, a couple create one superb Northamptonshire house.

Modern History
House & Garden, March 2005
In a handsome federal house in rural Connecticut, Jeffrey Bilhuber keeps one foot in the 19th century and another in the present. Using colors and furnishings of the past in a contemporary way.

Leadership: Homeward Bound
Ford Foundation Report, Fall 2004
Homeownership is a dream delayed for many Native Hawaiians, whose incomes lag far behind other state residents.
Three-Part Invention
House & Garden, October 2004
For a Palm Beach villa, designer Alberto Pinto composes a luxurious and harmonious trio of bedrooms that invite indulgence.
In Transit
Ford Foundation Report, Spring 2004
The big changes in Oakland’s Fruitvale district are a national model for turning around an inner-city neighborhood.

Open House
House & Garden, May 2004
A New York City family reimagines its Fifth Avenue apartment as an airy, loftlike space.

Family First
House & Garden, May 2004
At her colorful Northern California ranch, the design director of Pottery Barn evokes the Spanish village where she grew up.

Moonlight Sonata
House & Garden, April 2004
An architectural design team turns a traditional Park Avenue apartment into a silvery serenade.

Barn Storming
Home & Garden, November 2003
Turning a New Jersey dairy farm into a magnificent house and workshop.


Creating the Past
Home & Garden, October 2003
A couple bought an undistinguished new house in Montecito, CA and turned it into a knockout.

Gotham Gallic
House & Garden, June 2003
Designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta give an old East Side townhouse 19th century French formality.

Exclusively Yours
American Demographics, July 2000
Product launches on the web can offer a wealth of consumer insight.